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2016-08-31 12:00

FRESH NRG Handbook for Solar Industrial Apps

FRESH NRG Deliverable “Handbook for Solar Industrial Applications at 100-250°C” published ¬ Weinstadt, Germany


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2016-08-29 16:15

FRESH NRG Workshop in Jordan

Successful national FRESH NRG Workshop at Mutah University ¬ Mu’tah, Jordan


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2016-08-11 12:30

FRESH NRG collector field installed at Mutah University

FRESH NRG collector field was successfully installed at Mutah University ¬ Mu'tah, Jordan.


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2016-06-17 10:15

FRESH NRG 9th MB Meeting

FRESH NRG final Management Board Meeting no. 09 at Solitgua ¬ Gambettola, Italy.


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Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) for process heat applications


The FRESH NRG project addresses the integrated development of a low cost solar collector that can be operated at 250°C with a collector efficiency above 50%. 


Therefore, Soltigua’s existing Fresnel collector FTM is used, which is a linear concentrating system for generating heat in the range of 30 kW to several MW at temperatures up to 250°C. Developed and produced in Italy, FTM offers all the advantages of solar thermal concentration so far available only to large solar thermal power stations. It consists of highly reflective polished aluminium mirrors and selectively coated stainless steel receiver tubes. FTM’s light structure, compact dimensions and innovative design make it an ideal rooftop solution for industrial process heat, solar cooling and polygeneration applications.


Many industrial thermal processes can integrate their traditional sources with the solar energy. FTM can generate process heat by heating steam, thermal oil or water, both directly or indirectly depending on what is best for each industrial process.