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2016-08-31 12:00

FRESH NRG Handbook for Solar Industrial Apps

FRESH NRG Deliverable “Handbook for Solar Industrial Applications at 100-250°C” published ¬ Weinstadt, Germany


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2016-08-29 16:15

FRESH NRG Workshop in Jordan

Successful national FRESH NRG Workshop at Mutah University ¬ Mu’tah, Jordan


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2016-08-11 12:30

FRESH NRG collector field installed at Mutah University

FRESH NRG collector field was successfully installed at Mutah University ¬ Mu'tah, Jordan.


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2016-06-17 10:15

FRESH NRG 9th MB Meeting

FRESH NRG final Management Board Meeting no. 09 at Solitgua ¬ Gambettola, Italy.


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Solar Cooling and Refrigeration


Solar cooling and refrigeration is one of the most fascinating applications of solar energy, because it generates air-conditioning or refrigeration from the sun’s energy. This system takes advantage of the coincidence of high summer solar radiation and the need for air-conditioning during the same period.

This reduces significantly the energy consumption of the building, thus increasing its environmental sustainability. In particular, solar cooling decreases electricity consumption during peak hours and therefore reduces the risk of blackouts due to grid overload. A source of traditional heating and a storage system enable continuous operations at night or during cloudy periods.

Very high solar cooling system performances (COPel >10) could be reached if solar concentrating collectors are combined with double-effect (COPth of 1.2-1.4) or triple-effect (COPth of 1.6-1.8) water/lithium bromide absorption chillers.

This solution permits the maximum exploitation of the sun’s potential, generating an energy efficiency, which can not be reached by other solar technologies.