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The FRESH NRG project – FREsnel for Solar Heat with New Receiver and Geometry (project period: 01.03.2013 to 31.08.2016) aimed to optimize a Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) with a target efficiency above 50% at 250°C for industrial use. Furthermore, different industrial applications for the new collector were investigated in detail (FRESH NRG Handbook) and four expert workshops were organized to disseminate the project results. Further information can be found in the tabs below.

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This project has received funding from the European Commission, 7th Framework Program under Grant Agreement No. 308792.

The FRESH NRG project has produced the following public documents as part of its dissemination and exploitation activities, including presentations of four expert workshops and the FRESH NRG Handbook, which includes detailed feasibility studies related to heating, cooling and polygeneration applications for the Jordanian, Italian and Chilean markets.

FRESH NRG Handbook for Solar Industrial Applications at 100-250°C
Published June 2016
FRESH NRG_D7.4_Handbook.pdf

Final FRESH NRG Workshop "Collector Field Testing" at Mutah University, Jordan
29th August 2016

3rd FRESH NRG Workshop and ESTTP Workshop "Solar Thermal Energy for Europe 2020" at ESTIF, Brussels, Belgium
24th May 2016

2nd FRESH NRG Workshop "Certification of Medium Temperature Collectors based on In-Situ Measurement" at POLIMI, Milan, Italy
24th September 2014

1st FRESH NRG Workshop "Components Characterisation for Medium Temperature Collectors: Performance, Quality and Durability" at SPF, Rapperswil, Switzerland
20th March 2014
FRESH_2014_07_SPF_LARCHER_heat loss method.pdf
The FRESH NRG project (FREsnel for Solar Heat with New Receiver and Geometry) aims to optimize a Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) with a target efficiency above 50% at 250°C for industrial use.
The integrated approach will design, implement and test disruptive innovations in 4 key parts of the value chain:
• A highly innovative sol-gel coated non evacuated receiver will target robustness, durability and performance.
• To increase the annual yield, a LFC design with radically new geometry will target differentiation of the width of the primary mirrors and high concentration factor to limit heat losses. Ultra light mirror panels will target safety, durability and high reflectivity. Modular “plug-in” components (e.g. clip-on secondary mirrors) will simplify transport and installation.
• A first-of-its-kind lean manufacturing system including coating equipment, receiver assembly, and mirror production will be prototyped and co-located to optimize cost reduction.
• Integration packages for Mediterranean industrial applications will include a new control logic to optimize energy output for industrial use. A full blown polygeneration system in Jordan will provide actual use of the new LFC for power generation, heating and cooling.

Laboratory and field tests of the new LFC and its key components will include existing methods (e.g. EN12975) and methods that are currently revised or will be developed in IEA-SHC/SolarPaces Task 49.
A clear plan for the exploitation of the technical results will include a highly multi-disciplinary approach. Detailed bottom-up prospection of high-potential applications will be analysed to drive industrial strategy towards a large economic impact. Relevant key findings will be shared also with policymakers and industry regulators. Knowledge dissemination will promote the innovative results of the project (e.g. comparison of test methods) to achieve a full scientific impact at EU level.
LFC Collector
Linear Fresnel Collector (LFC) for process heat applications
The FRESH NRG project addresses the integrated development of a low cost solar collector that can be operated at 250°C with a collector efficiency above 50%.
Therefore, Soltigua’s existing Fresnel collector FTM is used, which is a linear concentrating system for generating heat in the range of 30 kW to several MW at temperatures up to 250°C. Developed and produced in Italy, FTM offers all the advantages of solar thermal concentration so far available only to large solar thermal power stations. It consists of highly reflective polished aluminium mirrors and selectively coated stainless steel receiver tubes. FTM’s light structure, compact dimensions and innovative design make it an ideal rooftop solution for industrial process heat, solar cooling and polygeneration applications.
Many industrial thermal processes can integrate their traditional sources with the solar energy. FTM can generate process heat by heating steam, thermal oil or water, both directly or indirectly depending on what is best for each industrial process.
Industrial Apps
Industrial Process Heat
Potential market size and environmental benefits make the use of solar heat in industrial applications a promising and vast area for future application of solar thermal systems. In Europe, the industrial and commercial sector account for about 28% of the overall energy consumption and 2/3 of this energy is used for heating applications. The Task 33 of the IEA-SHC / Annex 4 of Solar Paces showed that in most industrial processes low and medium temperature is needed. More than 60% of the heat demand in the industry requires process heat with temperatures below 250°C.

FRESH NRG will target a growing share (up to 30%) of RES (Renewable Energy Source) increase for solar thermal within the EU 27 countries by providing clearly valuable solutions to suitable industrial customers.

The identified key applications for the FRESH NRG collector are:
• Industrial process heat
• Solar cooling
• Solar refrigeration
• Polygeneration systems
Test sites
The laboratory and field tests of the FRESH NRG project will help to provide confidence in this new developed Linear Fresnel collector technology. Therefore, the efficiency and dynamic behaviour determined in the laboratory test will be compared to the field test efficiency at Mutah University, resulting in a cross-validation of the results to derive a final feedback to receiver, collector design and manufacturing.

Therefore, the efficiency and dynamic behaviour determined in the laboratory test will be compared to the field test efficiency at Mutah University, resulting in a cross-validation of the results to derive a final feedback to receiver, collector design and manufacturing.
• Component laboratory test in Switzerland (HSR-SPF) and Germany (Fraunhofer ISE) for testing of newly developed Sol-Gel coating for the glass envelope of the receiver and of the absorber tubes as well as testing of spectral optical, mechanical, thermal and geometrical optical properties of the new receiver, secondary mirror and ultra light reflecting panels
• Collector laboratory test in Germany (Fraunhofer SE) based on test procedures of EN 12975 and other relevant testing procedures developed during the new IEA SHC Task 49
• Collector field test in Jordan (Mutah University) based on a pre-existing solar-driven poly-generation system, which will be modified to host a rooftop installation of about 240 m2 of the FRESH NRG collector
The FRESH NRG consortium as a whole
The FRESH NRG consortium believes that the FRESH NRG project will develop a new generation of collectors for industrial use of energy in the Mediterranean region, thus strengthening EU’s competitiveness in the field. Core competences have been carefully selected towards this goal and they have been deployed across the relevant work in the project.

Members of FRESH NRG
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Mutah University . www.mutah.edu.jo
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